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Very good!

“I had long wanted to go to Ethiopia. I decided in 2013 that I would go in 2015. And stating in 2014, I decided to try and find the best travel company that had a relationship with Ethiopia and East Africa. I contacted several programs but I was not satisfied. And then an African friend suggested that I contact a man by the name of Malicha Dida and his company, ‘Horizon Africa Safari’ and from that point on I underwent a life changing adventure when I went to Ethiopia and other parts of East Africa.

I am a world traveler just returning this year (only a week or so) from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia and The Czech Republic. I have visited countries such as China, Japan, India, Germany, Britain, Peru, Egypt (4 times), Turkey, Ireland (twice) Nepal, Ghana, Korea, and many other countries but my Ethiopian and East Africa adventure remains my favorite trip.

As a result of my unforgettable trip to Ethiopia and East Africa in 2015, I am planning another trip to Ethiopia again in 2017!”